Here you can read about some of what I've been thinking and writing. (Publication titles are poorly-colored hyperlinks.)

Publications on Understanding 

Publications on Explanation 

Publications on Disability

Publications on Bioethics

Publications on Transformative Experience

Publication on Explanation and Learning

  • “Abstracting Structural Explanations”

  • “Authentic MDMA Highs”

  • “Did he Hallucinate Because he has Scizophrena? The Explanatory Power of Mental Disorder Categories“ (co-authored with J. Gleason and T. Lombrozo)

  • “Evidence and Accuracy in Transformative Decisions”

  • “Meta-Transformative Experiences and the Daredevil Effect”

  • “Moral Understanding and Moral Illusions”

  • "Objectually Understanding Informed Consent"

Works in Progress/Under Review: Ask for Drafts!

  • Advances in Experimental Philosophy of Science (co-editing with Richard Samuels. (Under contract with Bloomsbury Press)

  • Simple Understanding: Understanding, Explanation, and How We Think About the World. (Under contract with Synthese Library)